Many health insurance plans now being sold have high deductibles and other financial gaps that the insured person has to cover on their own. There is a new member benefit available to help Chamber/Bureau members, their employees and families deal with this new reality. It is a product designed to fill financial gaps left by Bronze, Silver and Gold level ACA compliant health insurance plans, such as deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance. Features of the program include:

Paying a lump-sum cash benefit up to:

--$6,000 for hospital confinement

--$3,000 for outpatient surgery

--$500 for Emergency Room treatment related to an injury

• Cash benefits are paid directly to you - not your doctor or hospital

• Available at affordable rates

• Applying is simple and can be completed in minutes

For more information, please call 435-602-4401 or send an email to