Please see the email below from Rob Engstrom with the U. S. Chamber of Commerce regarding the Department of Labor’s new overtime regulation, which is scheduled to take effect on December 1. This is an issue that may have an impact on a significant number of Chamber/Bureau members. The email is as follows:

The DOL’s new overtime regulation will dramatically change which employees must be paid overtime if they work more than 40 hours a week. The new salary Labor Department Newthreshold that defines who is eligible will go from $455/week ($23,660 annually) to $913/week ($47,476 annually)—a 100% increase. Employers will either have to increase an employee’s salary to continue classifying them as exempt, or reclassify them to be eligible for overtime.

Employers won’t be able to afford it, and employees are going to bear the burden of less flexibility and reduced income through fewer hours.

The new overtime rule will take effect December 1 if Congress doesn’t act … and so far, they haven’t.

Tell your Congressman before it’s too late: Fight Back Against New Overtime Regulations

The Chamber is fully committed to fighting the Department of Labor’s overtime regulation every step of the way and seeking ways to minimize its impact.

The Overtime Reform and Enhancement Act (H.R. 5813) would soften the impact of the Department of Labor’s overtime regulation by phasing in the salary threshold increase over 3 years, and eliminating the provision that will result in a new salary threshold every three years automatically—without input from employers or any other affected party.

The bill was introduced just before the summer recess, and not many members of the House have cosponsored H.R. 5813. Chances are your representative is not one of them.

Tell them now that you want them to cosponsor this important bill. This is a major, bipartisan approach to addressing the new overtime rule’s adverse impacts.

Time is critical – make sure your Congressman is a cosponsor of the Overtime Reform and Enhancement Act (H.R. 5813).


Rob Engstrom
SVP and National Political Director
U.S. Chamber of Commerce