Zoë's Day Spa - End of Summer Specials Zoe's Day Spa logo

Zoë's Day Spa is offering end of the summer specials. 

  • 20% off any facial.
  • 10% off Dermapeel this process incorporates a "Pumpkin" enzyme peel that will hydrate your skin
  • 10% off DermaSound treatment that has 3 treatments in one. First, ultrasonic vibrations that remove the 27-30 layers of dead skin cells that do not slough off as we get older. The second, uses sonophoresis that help penetrate the GlyMed Living Cell Clarifier products into your skin. Ending with the ampere which stimulates the collagen and elastin to tighten and firm your skin.

All teachers and military receive 50% off any time!  For more information and to book an appointment, email Shannon Schoppe (zoesdayspa@gmail.com


dishing pc lobster coverDishing out a deal for Park City Merchants

Dishing PC is launching a new program in our magazine called "Neighborhood Views" geared towards shopping and dining in specific neighborhoods in Park City and paired with City Bus routes. This is a unique opportunity to be in the magazine at a reduced rate and categorized by area. This will be a great asset to both our visitor and local readers. The areas are as follows: Prospector/North of Main, Main Street, Kimball Junction/Newpark/Redstone. Regular cost is $1200 per year (2 issues), Chamber Member special is $1000 per year (2 issues). Price includes printed listing (26,500 magazines printed per issue), and a roundup blog post per issue. For more details, contact Meghan de Bruijn at 435-6460-2883 or meghan@dishingpc.com


Alpine Distilling Nationally Recognized alpine distilling logo

Traveler's Rest Whiskey was named one of the best eight American Single Malts. One of the newer American single malts on the market, Utah-based Alpine Distilling is coming in strong with a single malt aged in former Jack Daniels Missouri oak barrels. It’s nutty and full-tasting at 44 percent alcohol by volume. Read the full article here.