Enlighten Wellness offers a holistic approach to wellness. Here is what owner Misty Philbrick has to say about the concept: I worked in the medical field for 9 years and realized that everyone wants a quick fix with medication. I also noticed when I worked in skilled nursing facilities, which is primarily for Medicare patients and patients over 65, we were admitting patients as young as 35 with addiction problems and mental illness. I felt that we needed to get to people at a younger age and promote healthy living and help people work on their mental health.

How long have you been in Park City? If not long, where did you move here from and what brought you to Park City?

I have lived in Salt Lake City my whole life but knew Park City was the place to start this business. Tiffany Harrison, my business partner and longtime friend, has lived in Park City for the last year, but has taught in Park City as a yoga instructor and personal trainer for many years. She started Wasatch Back Betty's 5 years ago, and we just renamed it to Back Country Yogis this spring. She knew that there was a need for this type of business and started out small but knew that there are many people who wanted these types of activities. People want to get out of the city and recharge in the mountains - where much healing happens.

Tell us a little bit about your philosophy of yoga and how it fits into everyone’s lifestyle.

Yoga, along with our other services, helps people find balance in their lives.Yoga promotes mindfulness and peace. The personal training aspect of our business helps prepare people for the outdoors with Back Country Yogis. It promotes strength and being mindful of how their bodies are feeling. We want everyone to know that they can do anything.

What are some of the more unique places you chose to teach the Backcountry yoga?

Enlighten Wellness and Back Country Yogis are dedicated to helping people find balance with mind, body, and spirit.We will be providing yoga, meditation classes, personal training, group training, massage therapy, and energy healing. We will also have monthly educational classes covering a variety of healthy living topics. It is an all-in-one approach. We offer outdoor hike/yoga, paddleboard yoga, and snow shoe yoga to take people into nature, which helps them find more balance with mind, body, and spirit.

As a Chamber member, what are some of the programs available to members that you find as an asset to your business?

The chamber has helped us in so many ways by promoting our business and getting locals and vacationers to join our events. It has been great to get to know other chamber members and we feel that they have provided us with great support!