Organizations of all types, whether they are businesses, non-profits, and others are all at risk of having a data breach on multiple fronts — negligence, a rogue employee, stolen equipment, or a network security failure. If the proper insurance protection is not secured before a data breach occurs, the future of the organization could be in jeopardy due to extensive recovery and reimbursement costs, as well as damage to its reputation. When an organization experiences a data breach, it is obligated by law to mitigate the damages caused by the breach. Information on Utah laws regarding this is available at

The Park City Chamber/Bureau has partnered with member National Affinity Services to provide a data theft risk management and insurance benefit program for its members. Called BIZLock, it provides organizations with the expert assistance and financial relief needed to confront a data breach head on. With a host of value-added consultancy services available before, during and after a data breach incident, and financial assistance in the event a covered breach occurs, BIZLock is a comprehensive solution organizations need to ensure a data breach incident does not challenge their future and financial well-being. It is priced from $229 up per year, based on organization size and desired limits. BIZLock® is owned and exclusively administered by Identity Fraud, Inc. For more information, please call 435-602-4401.