Identity theft claimed 13.1 million victims in 2015 with financial losses nearing $15 billion. The average victim loses $6,000 and spends nearly 2 months trying to resolve the issue on their own. It is a large and growing problem that affects businesses, individuals and families across the country. 

The Park City Chamber/Bureau has partnered with member National Affinity Services to provide Chamber/Bureau members and their employees with an opportunity to purchase Identity Theft Protection from one of the most respected providers of these services. For a low monthly fee, Chamber/Bureau members and their employees have access to comprehensive, proactive identity theft defense from InfoArmour. The company provides industry-leading identity and credit monitoring to quickly alert its subscribers of suspicious activity before major damage has been done. Their proprietary technology detects fraud at the source (when thieves first use your information to apply for accounts) to catch misuse sooner and minimize damages. Many other services, including Social Media Reputation Monitoring, secure document storage and lost wallet replacement services, are included with the program. A video detailing this new benefit is available online at For information and to enroll for this new member benefit, please visit or call toll-free 855-533-1776.