Park City Brand Manual

Reinforcing the Park City brand at every point of contact is key to continuity and successful positioning against competitors. Our brand needs to feel modern, fresh and relevant to current and emerging customers. For that reason, the Park City brand has recently undergone a logo update, along with a refresh on the graphic look and feel. The following will describe the essential brand elements and rules for usage.

The Park City brand consists of the following elements:

Brand Colors

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Adelle Sans 42 px

H3 Clarendon LT

Photo Style

Park City photography can be described as realistic, candid and genuine. It should be composed and shot in a first-person experiential manner so the viewer feels like they are part of the scene whenever possible. Photos should not appear to be set-up, posed or contrived, nor should they be conceptual in nature. The core objective with Park City images is to convey a feeling of a realistic experience in Park City. 


Park City has one logo with optional graphic additions for legibility.